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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well Plan J sounds like it might work...

Time for a shout out.
There's a LOT of things in my life that I'm grateful for, and I don't express that gratitude often enough at all.
So here goes the list:
I'm grateful for the Gospel and how it affects every aspect of my life.
I'm grateful for a God who loves me and knows me so much better than I do.
I'm grateful for the parents I have, and the incredible love and support I feel from them.
I'm grateful for the friends I have.
I'm grateful for my fake brothers, that help me so so much when I need them.
I'm grateful for the priesthood and its real and intense healing power.
I'm grateful for guy friends that are worthy to hold that priesthood.
I'm grateful for my roommate, I'm thankful for her friendship, love, advice, and endless patience.
I'm grateful for Paolo Nutini and his beautiful voice, serenading me constantly.
I'm grateful for experiences that take me out of my own little world.
I'm grateful for the things I have, even though I often take them for granted.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to school, and gain an excellent education.
I'm grateful for new people that laugh with me.
I'm grateful for wake-up calls, literal and figurative.

Today was a good day.
Yesterday was not.
I was very seriously considering dropping all my classes, getting my money back, and leaving school. I haven't been happy the past few months and it has been wearing on me. I am a very happy person usually, but I'm really good at faking it when I'm not so happy.
So for most of last semester and the beginning of this semester, I have definitely not been up to par with my level of happiness. But, through a lot of pray, and lot of scripture reading, and some wonderful help from some others, I haven't quit. I have been reminded of what's really important, and that I need to stop being so involved in myself.
Something I heard that really affected me, was that happiness is a choice, and happiness is also a consequence of living like I should. Listening to the Lord, showing charity to my fellow men, and doing MY best and MY part to become the person I need to be.
Well, it's only the second week of school, so I'm not going to fail if I get on track and do what I need to get the best grades possible. After I do as much as I can, and work my heart out, God will step in and help me the rest of the way.
But I need to do MY share.
So, I'm going to.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to work as hard as I possibly can.
I choose success.

Determined, tired, and very happy,


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