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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't piss me off.

Really? REALLY?
That's all I have to say to you right now.
Actually no, there's more.
Where the hell do you get off?
I'll tell you what you should get off.
That high horse you're on right now?
I'd like to be there when you fall from it.
How dare you?
How dare you?
We've been through so much together.
So much friendship in a year.
And now, in the blink of an eye it's gone?
I don't freakin think so.
Way to abandon me you whores.
I'm 18.
I'm dumb.
I make mistakes.
I make one mistake in particular and you just cut me off?
Like it was even that bad?
It was a freakin joke!
You know me well enough (or at least I thought you did) to know I'm not sitting here trying to offend you and shock you.
What the hell?!
Honestly, if you're willing to delete me off FB for something so minor, your friendship isn't really worth renewing for me.
Btw, OH. That was REALLY hard for me to deal with. I mean you sure showed me! That was SO tough of you to delete me off FB. I'm sure you were as wracked with guilt over that as I was writhing with pain over not getting your combined 800+ posts blowing up my newsfeed all day everyday.
Actually, you know what?
I want to thank you.
You made me really see who I should keep close.
Because in the end? You are obviously all talk.
Real, TRUE, friends don't dump their friends at mistakes.
Especially! Such a stupid little thing!!!
I sent that to a crapload of people, and you two were the ONLY ones offended.
Everyone else took it as a joke, laughed, deleted it, and moved on.
But no.
You two have to call me, tell me it's inappropriate, and sit there and yes, sound like my mothers that I didn't know I had.
I'm not sending you these things everyday, every week, or ever actually.
So basically, suck it right now.
You have successfully pissed me off with your blindness, immaturity, and holier-than-thou attitudes.
To put it frankly, you can't judge me, you haven't lived my life.
I actually don't regret sending you that.
Because honestly, if you are such pansy flakes, I DON'T NEED YOU IN MY LIFE.

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  1. Megan, I'm going to be a creeper and comment.

    I don't know what happened, and I have no clue who you are talking about, but I would just like to say that you look so marvelous when you are happy, so I send you my condolences and hope that all will be resolved well and quickly.

    Don't worry about silly people.