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Thursday, March 3, 2011

If I die young

This week has been interesting for me.
I was feeling a little down on myself, questioning my place in this world.
Kind of one of those weeks of, "If I wasn't here, no one would even miss me. I am alone."

Well folks, I was proven dead wrong.
I feel like the Lord has been showing his love for me through others.
I was told by several different people that I am not only their best friend, but I am their only friend.
These are people that I would never guess that about, considering how often I see them with other people, laughing, joking, having a great time, etc.
But when I was alone with them, they revealed that they really didn't consider those people their friends like they considered me.
When you're down and feeling low, you tend to focus on yourself more than you should. I am the Queen of pity parties. Oh yeah, trust.
But to have two of the people I love most, let me know how much I mean to them, I felt so humbled.
I had another friend tell me how glad she is that we met, and wishes that we could have met earlier.

It was a lesson I won't soon forget.
The Lord loves me.
He sent me these people to take care of me.
I needed that reminder of my importance.
My influence is bigger than I can even imagine, because I don't ever notice it.
But I want to be that much nicer to people now.
I want to be there for people, and be a good friend on purpose.

Also, I am continuing my streak of "Just Do It" activities.
I am getting my spunk and using it!
I asked a great guy to my schools formal, I gave a note to a handsome guy in one of my classes (telling him I think he's handsome), I finally wrote to Taylor (and he wrote me back, eeeeek!! :D), and I plan on singing in the final talent show for my school.
I don't have a good solo voice, but I have an excellent back up singer voice. So I will be singing with two of my friends that have all around amazing voices. Well if the plan works out we'll be singing haha.
Plus, I'm playing piano again. And I'm in love with it again. It makes me happy, and I have missed it more than I thought possible.

Also, I'm so in love with Justin Bieber! He's the freaking cutest thing ever! Such a doll. Yes, I did see his movie on Valentines day. Even if you hate him, you've got to have mad respect for him and his journey.

Oh just go watch it.
You won't regret it!
Bieber aside, it's a dang cool movie. Period.

Well, I have to go finish homework and stuff. And go to my friends house and watch a movie, eat crepes, and cry over John Keats. Oh yeah.


I'm half brunette now. I had some fun with my first hair color experience. Even if my dad did say I look like a raccoon. Dang. Ahahahaa:)

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