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Monday, November 8, 2010

Some days...

Some days, everything goes just right.
Some days, I get enormous amounts of homework done and I still have time for some social life.
Some days, you wake up happy, you stay happy, and then you go to sleep happy.
Some days, the weather is absolutely horrible...and its ok.
Some days, you have to sit back and count your blessings.Some days, you feel your Savior's love for you, stronger than you can imagine.
Some days, you connect with your friends again.
Some days, you laugh until you cry a little bit.
Some days, you laugh at really inappropriate things.
Some days, you count down until you can see you family again.
Some days, you just want to dance around.
Some days, you can't control your face and keep it from blushing.
Some days, you listen to Vivaldi and don't feel even slightly embarrassed (He's fabulous ok??)
Some days, are just good.

Some days, even if something not so good happens, it still ends perfectly.
Well today has not been one of those days. Its been all of those days. So my advice is don't sit and wait for those "somedays" that might come in the future. Embrace the day you have right now. Make that day the some day that you want. Put some sunshine in the middle of that blizzard. Do one thing everyday that makes you smile, that makes YOU happy. That's my motto for life and it's a good one of I do say so myself. ;)

A slightly misplaced California girl. :)

(Best thing about Utah though? FALL!)

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  1. And some days, you get stuck in laundry machine because your friends dared you to do it and then laugh and take pictures of you when you realize that you can't get out, but you're happy because all of the pictures they took were posted on Myspace and no one you know nowadays can see your old profile... You've had days like that, right? No? Oh... me neither. :P