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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well this wasn't MY idea...

So I've actually had this blog for awhile and just not posted anything.

I haven't really felt the need haha.

But today was my first day of class back at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I love this place. It's my heaven, my haven, and my home.

This is my second semester at the BC and I'm already starting to regret taking serious classes this semester. First of all my backpack is going to roll over and die because I only need about 612 books for each class. I am in school from 7:40 AM to about 8:10 PM and I only have four classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I have 3 hour breaks between almost all my classes. This sucks. Last semester I had classes back to back to back and I was so worn out by the end of the day but this semester I feel so...blehh. I have nothing to do! Especially since it's the first week and my homework is to buy textbooks. Fun fun fun.

I can't complain really...its a miracle that I am back and I am so happy to be here!! I have the best friends in the world here and I get to see them errday.

One of my best friends just started her freshman year down at BYU and its great having her in the same state let alone same side of the country!

I had a free writing session in my English class today and I feel that that was partly the reason I wrote this today.

There's something about writing that I just love. When you write from your heart, its your own and no one can take that from you. They may criticize, they may critique, they may judge...but in the end its yours. Your thoughts, your feelings, your journey.

So thats what this is for me. My thoughts. My feelings. My journey. Out there for people to read.

Thats the scary part.

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  1. As a habit, I always start reading someone's blogs from the beginning. True, things have changed since then, but it's all about the journey, right?

    Anyways, I'm glad that you finally started writing in this blog. And I'm glad you like writing. I feel the exact same you do about it.